Peter Bjuhr Composer

Peter Bjuhr Composer

Today I went to Copenhagen for a rehearsal with Magnus Hjorth Trio, which is a young and brilliant jazz piano trio. The rehearsal was in preparation for a concert next week, with five new pieces premiered of which I have written one. The project presented in the concert is an interesting inter-genre cooperation, where five contemporary composers aims to use the jazz trio's rhythmic precision, frequent interaction and unerring ability to improvise, but also use their own art musical background to create something that goes beyond the trio's usual repertoire. My contribution to the project is called absorb, alter and dissolve. A piece where I explore three different approaches to this integration between art music and jazz. Simply put, the first section is about a possible mix between classical art music and mainstraim jazz; the second is about an acceptance of the jazz idioms but with minor tweaks; and the third is with a more radical disassemblage of the jazz style but with havens of more ordinary jazz sounds. These three approaches is not to be seen as only different solutions to the problem at hand though. My aim is also to somehow explore some more general cultural and sociological phenomenons. How can traditional cultures change over time? There are of course several possible answers to this question but what I'm dealing with in this piece is perhaps three major aspects of cultural change: a culture can change by lending from elsewhere and thus somehow absorbing traits from another culture, it can change by very gentle alteration and it can change by more radical dissolution of the structures defining a culture. The success of these changes of the jazz-tradition the trio stands for is perhaps questionable. My aim though, as you understand from the above, is not to make some kind of improvement but to explore the ideas set in a musical context. This, as I would call it, conceptual approach leads to the piece being some kind of sequence of musical ideas (or ideas set to musical context) - rather like a sound collage. The piece will be premiered by Magnus Hjorth Trio in Lund the 29th of September.  

Peter Bjuhr

Peter Bjuhr Composer

Here I publish information of the music I've written. I also blog about my projects and thoughts about music in general.

I am a contemporary classical composer and compose music for classical musicians, but as you can see from my worklist I've also done other things - including live electronics, electroacoustic music (eam) and music for other types of ensembles (e.g. a jazz trio).

My works have been performed globally, including Europe, Asia and North America.

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