Peter Bjuhr Composer

Peter Bjuhr Composer

Art and music

2009 February 07

Art and music have always been connected; but when art was painted by artists on canvas or some other material and music were played by musicians on instruments, there always were a gap between them. Now this gap is not as self-evident any more. Now artists are interested not only in the visual but also in the audial. And composers have a growing interest in the conceptual aspects of their works. I like to combine conceptual ideas with a neoesthetic approach.

Peter Bjuhr

Peter Bjuhr Composer

Here I publish information of the music I've written. I also blog about my projects and thoughts about music in general.

I am a contemporary classical composer and compose music for classical musicians, but as you can see from my worklist I've also done other things - including live electronics, electroacoustic music (eam) and music for other types of ensembles (e.g. a jazz trio).

My works have been performed globally, including Europe, Asia and North America.

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