Peter Bjuhr Composer

Peter Bjuhr Composer

Finale 2009

2008 September 12

I´ve just bought Finale 2009. My first impression is good. I think it is easy to work with. One of my biggest curiosities at start was on the Aria player. My thoughts now is that it is good but not too good; you get a pretty good impression of what your composition can sound like, but you are not dazzled away of the greatness of the sounds. For me I think the biggest improvement compared to Finale 2007 will be in working with percussion instruments who depends more on the sound than on the pitch.

Peter Bjuhr

Peter Bjuhr Composer

Here I publish information of the music I've written. I also blog about my projects and thoughts about music in general.

I am a contemporary classical composer and compose music for classical musicians, but as you can see from my worklist I've also done other things - including live electronics, electroacoustic music (eam) and music for other types of ensembles (e.g. a jazz trio).

My works have been performed globally, including Europe, Asia and North America.

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