Peter Bjuhr Composer

Peter Bjuhr Composer


ca 10 min.

- Images from the Brain

Organ solo

It has often been said that good music preferably is a mix between reason and emotion. The latter

distinction being closely related to the the dualist separation of mind and body often attributed to

Descartes. This piece is not only an unbalanced mix between analytic and at times mathematical content and emotional content; in addition it also brings forth the question of what it is possible to deduct from the outside of what happens inside the brain.

Dedicated to: Alexandra Fol

Commissioned by: Alexandra Fol

First performance: 31 January, 2014, Redpath Hall, Montreal

Peter Bjuhr

Peter Bjuhr Composer

Here I publish information of the music I've written. I also blog about my projects and thoughts about music in general.

I am a contemporary classical composer and compose music for classical musicians, but as you can see from my worklist I've also done other things - including live electronics, electroacoustic music (eam) and music for other types of ensembles (e.g. a jazz trio).

My works have been performed globally, including Europe, Asia and North America.

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